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Hidden beaches of Corfu

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Renting a boat is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy everything that Corfu has to offer to the fullest and explore its most remote and unspoiled corners including hidden beaches of Corfu.

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Find your paradise

There is a great number of small, pristine hidden beaches of Corfu, tucked in coves all around the island’s craggy coastline, some of which are only accessible by sea. So why miss out on the privacy and pleasure offered by these hidden beauties, which have remained untouched by modern tourist development?
If your idea of the perfect holiday is to live an authentic experience, away from busy resorts, then the sea is the way to go and renting a boat gives you the freedom to do so.
The area of Paleokastritsa all the way to the south is gathers the majority of hidden beaches of Corfu and small coves. All these spots of unique natural beauty are fringed by sheer cliffs, hiding them from prying eyes. This region is home to some of the finest beaches of the island, despite the difficult access.


This remote beach, overlooking Paleokastritsa, happens to be accessible both by sea and land. The natural setting can only be described as idyllic, swamped with rich verdure. The beach itself is covered in tiny pebbles and fine sand leading to crystal clear waters and is considered to be one of the most charming beaches in Greece.


Even more isolated, the beach of Stellari is located in the area of Paleokastritsa as well, which is its only source of lighting during the night, other than dim starlight. It is only accessible by the sea and stands in a truly majestic landscape, against a background of rugged cliffs.
Alternatively you can head to the northeastern coast of Corfu. This area is more picturesque, boasting a lush scenery, with cypress trees and olive groves carpeting the gentle hills, and beautiful consecutive bays that you can explore by boat.


Agni is a small charming bay you can easily reach by boat. The beach here is small and covered in shiny pebbles, shelving deep into crystalline waters. There are three waterfront tavernas in Agni all of which are accessible by the sea, as there are jetties where you can moor your boat while you enjoy the food.

Agios Stefanos

This quaint fishing village is a popular resort among boat owners, who moor their boats in the harbor of Agios Stefanos. You will find a pebbly beach in the northern side of the bay, as well as the peace and serenity one might expect from a traditional village. You can even use this as your starting point to explore even more lovely beaches in this region.