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Corfu is known for its scenic landscapes and elegant Venetian charm. But apart from the obvious natural beauties you can enjoy in any of its stunning beaches, under the shade of the abundant olive trees or swimming in the crystalline waters of its coast, there is much more in Corfu to keep yourself occupied and guarantee that you won’t become bored. If your idea of the perfect holiday is something more than just bathing and reading a book while soaking up the sun, in Corfu you can definitely make it happen.


Holidaymakers who enjoy staying active, even while on vacation, can have the best of both worlds. While visiting the gorgeous natural environment of Corfu for moments of relaxation can combine fantastic opportunities for sport and other fun activities the island has to offer.

Keen on tennis and golf players can finally practice their passion while on holiday. Corfu’s sophisticated character and refined history have allowed these sports to flourish. Golf, squash and tennis in Corfu Island is a real thing. Reading below, you can find out ideal places in Corfu where you can enjoy your favourite sports.

Tennis Clubs in Corfu

The island also boasts a long tennis tradition dating to as far back as the 1890s when Corfu Lawn Tennis Club, was established. Still active today, it constitutes the oldest tennis club in Greece, regularly holding ITF cups. It proudly features high quality facilities and five international standard carpet courts.

There is a second club for tennis in Corfu, open to the public, in Kefalomandouko, about a mile from the city centre. This one is called Corfu Tennis Club, equipped with four green set courts, and the capacity to host up to 200 spectators in its central court. There is a coffee house and private parking space within the club, which also provides tennis lessons with certified coaches. It is very popular with locals as well as visitors as it promises exciting matches, interesting new acquaintances with people who share the same passion and the chance to perfect your skills while on holiday.


Last but not least, the last few years the interest for squash is on the rise in Corfu.

Amateurs of the sport of all levels will find modern squash courts in gyms and fitness clubs around the town, where they can practice their favourite sport while enjoying their stay in our lovely island.

If your stay at the island is approaching or you are already one of our guests in town, contact us for more info. We will find you the best suited coach and we will schedule your next squash-games along your stay, according your needs.

If your holiday isn’t complete without a round of golf, a match of tennis or a squash session, choosing a stay in Corfu, won’t deny you the pleasure..

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