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We are a young and enthusiastic company with a fresh approach to villa holidays and renting luxury vacation rentals as a whole concept. We are a team of multicultural individuals who have a passion in common. That is travelling, exploring, learning and making the most of those experiences while visiting various destinations around the world. We were able to transform this common passion into a profession which we love, we provide first class travel experiences and not just a typical villa holiday. We are Ivy Villas.

About Ivy Villas

What we do

At Ivy Villas, we provide first class villa holidays, we represent a hand picked villa portfolio in Corfu. We have selected the best villas in Corfu island, each villa has been chosen by our team for it’s uniqueness and special amenities and features that offer to their guests. Our quality criteria are strict and not flexible when it comes to selecting a property, we make sure that all of our villas comply and high quality health, safety, maintenance standards and we carefully inspect each villa first hand many times during the selection process.

How we do it

We don’t just pick villas, we select luxury holiday villas which we carefully match with client’s needs. Our service is not one dimensional when it comes to villa holidays, we want our clients to live an unforgettable holiday experience and therefore we match our villas with travel experiences that offer total freedom to our clients to tailor make their villa holiday according to their exact needs according to the occasion.

Each villa comes with a set of special features and a huge variety of activities that our guests may need during their holiday. We offer our guests total freedom to organise anything they might need during their stay, such as parties, private chef menus, boat rentals, car rentals, transfer, suggestions for visiting points and even restaurants, beaches or any other service they might need.

Being a full-service luxury villa rental company, at Ivy Villas we aim in customer service excellence since our villa holidays services are unique and have a personal touch. We respect our clients efforts and their money, so for their demands and we are committed to always going the extra mile. At Ivy Villas, we always strive to provide better, to give more.