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We are a boutique property management company for villas and vacation rentals in Corfu. We are a friendly and multilingual team which works hard to take the best care of your property. With Ivy Villas you can be assured that your property is treated as if it was our own.

Our fair priced, one-stop property management service provides the following for your villa in Corfu:

Developing a thorough maintenance plan for your villa based on its current condition and analysing any future improvements or repairs. Time, wind and weather all take their toll on your villa in Corfu but with Ivy Villas’s local approved contractors who, under our watchful eye, undertake high quality internal and external repairs and decoration to your own specification.

We regularly visit the villa, where we inspect the interior and exterior of the villa followed by a full report including photos where necessary. We perform regular pool maintenance where we take care of routine cleaning, the replenishment of chemicals and regular checking for leaks. If your property has it’s own garden we offer a weekly visit by a professional gardener. In general we are setting up a routine maintenance schedule for regular upkeep such as gutter cleaning, pest control, lawn care, exterior power washing, annual heat and AC servicing.

We can assist you with utility providers from registration to troubleshooting and we can take care of the payments of emergency/utility bills. We send you monthly statements of invoices for maintenance and repairs including all bills. We establish emergency procedures with fire, police, security, water leaks, storm damage etc and we have a 24/7 emergency call-out facility with qualified staff.

We can also assist you with the preparation of your holiday villa on the the start and on the end of the holiday season so you do not have to worry about storing exterior furniture or setting up everything to be ready for your guests. If needed we also offer qualified tax and law services in connection with the top accountants and lawyers in Corfu.

We pride ourselves in our customer care and satisfaction and our prime business is caring for your villa or vacation rental.

Except our complete villa management service we also offer a unique villa rental management service where it all starts with a pre arrival check is made for incoming guests – this ensures the villa is 100% ready for guests and includes checking light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, flushing of toilets and sweeping of the pathways. Once everything is ready we are there to meet and greet your guests and escort them to the villa where we can provide them with all necessary information regarding their stay and show them around the property, etc. A guest information book is left in the property which provides information on the villa, the area and our 24 hour contact details. A check out service is carried out too – just to make sure there is no damage and if there are we report them straight away.

At Ivy Villas, a property management team, we pride ourselves in quality service, honesty and sincerity and our commitment to owners and guests is second to none. We have developed a great reputation in providing an honest and reliable service by managing and maintaining our villas and vacation rentals in Corfu to the highest standards expected by owners and guests alike.

If you are interested in our property management service or our villa rental management service all you have to do is contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.