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Corfu Town

See the best things to do in Corfu island during your holidays. From lush natural landscapes, rugged coastlines and pristine beaches to a rich cultural and intellectual tradition and elegant architecture, Corfu boasts a series of elements that make it the ideal setting for a luxury getaway. Guarding the opening to the Adriatic Sea, the island’s rocky terrain is abundantly covered in silver olive groves and cypress trees, creating an imposing natural scenery. Corfu has something to offer to all travelers, with its busy nightlife, endless coastline and spots of historic interest and it is particularly attractive to those seeking a lavish destination featuring a great deal of opportunities for enjoying moments of relaxation and luxury. Pack your things and get ready for a splendid visit with our top tips for enjoying everything that Corfu has to offer to the fullest.

Visit Corfu Town

No matter where your base is in Corfu, visiting Corfu town is an absolute must. Wander around the maze of narrow cobbled streets of the historic centre, admiring the Venetian architecture. The city centre radiates with elegance and picturesque charm. It is no wonder the historic centre of the old town has been declared a World Heritage Site. The town’s glorious landscape is dominated by its two fortresses, pale colored houses and busy shops. From nightlife, to shopping and sightseeing, there a lot of things to do in Corfu and especially Corfu town has a lot to offer.

Rent a boat

One of the best ways to explore the island’s stunning coastline is by renting a boat. And the rocky coastline of northern Corfu is particularly fit for this purpose. Starting from any spot you choose you can embark on an exciting exploration of nearby coves carved into the coastline, cradling shiny pebbled beaches. The wonders that lie underwater also invite you to a snorkeling or diving session you can enjoy on the way.

Museum hopping

Except for its buzzing nightlife and unspoiled natural beauty, Corfu is well known for its rich cultural past, which constitutes a great source of pride for the locals. Just one out of many choices would be to visit the Achilleion palace, a gem of classical architecture located close to Kanoni. Originally created as a resort for Empress Elizabeth of Austria, the palace’s grandeur greatly invokes that of Vienna’s royal residences.

Visit a traditional village

Corfu’s hills are home to scattered sleepy villages which are definitely worth visiting, not only for trying out the mouth-watering local cuisine, but also for the picturesque setting and scenic views. Admire the old stone mansions taking a walk around the (often abandoned) villages, or hike up to one of Corfu’s monasteries and finish your visit with lunch under the shade of the pines.


Paleokastritsa is one of the most popular destinations in Corfu, and rightly so. The natural scenery is simply imposing; rocky cliffs cradling the coast, pebbled beaches and crystal clear azure waters. Making a stop here is considered an absolute must, not only by first-timers in Corfu, but also from those who keep coming back year after year to enjoy its wild beauty.

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